OH&S Pamphlet

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Meet Your UNA Local 121 OH&S Committee Team!
Heather McCulloch- HPTP
Angie Kahl- GU/Cysto
Grace MacLean Co-Chair- Surgical Float Pool
YooRee Keller Ex-Officio- PACU

Objectives of the Local 121 OH&S Committee:
– Engage staff in health and safety activities
– Promote OH&S responsibilities to staff
– Provide a non-adversarial forum for employers and staff to discuss and promote a culture of safety

Why Engage In Health & Safety Activities? 

You have the right to a safe and healthy workplace. 

Hazard Identification Assessment and Control (HIAC) process requires staff participation. 

Hazards must be reported to a supervisor immediately. Report safety concerns via My Safety Net (MSN). You are entitled to a copy of the MSN investigation report. Ask your manager. 

You have responsibility to protect yourself and others in your workplace. Follow the employer’s policies and procedures. 

You must participate in the training required and apply what you have learned. 

Staff Roles In Promoting A Safe Environment: 

Reporting to management is highly recommended. 

Dangerous or emergent safety concerns must be reported to Management. 

Document your concern through My Safety Net 

Utilize the UNA OH&S form and be prepared to communicate concerns with an assigned UNA committee member. 

Participate in the HIAC process, collaborating with Management. 

Complete documentation: MPR as per AHS policies & procedures documentation & disclosure, RLS and PRC forms. 

If you are injured at work: Call for help, seek first aid, initiate emergency response plans. Report incidents through My Safety Net, file WCB claim, and inform your manager ASAP. Contact the Local Executive. 


Local 121 OH&S Concern Process: 

Upon being assigned to the OH&S form, the committee member will contact you to better understand the safety situation. 

Ensure you speak to your manager to allow further discussions of the issue. 

Bring forth your recommendations at the Joint Workplace Health and Safety Committee (JWHSC) meeting if applicable. 

There will be a follow up with you (up to a month after the event) to ensure your safety concern(s) has been addressed. 

Based on the complexity of the safety concern, the committee may escalate the issue to the Local Executive team and/ or if appropriate to the UNA OH&S Advisor