Bill 22 has passed! Contact your MLA about Bill 22!

Taken directly from UNA’s Facebook page, Nov 21, 2019:

❗️Bill 22 has passed. Contact your MLA about Bill 22!❗️

Bill 22, the Reform of Agencies, Boards and Commissions and Government Enterprises Act, has passed third reading in the Alberta Legislature after 4 days and very limited debate. Bill 22 in effect removes joint-trusteeship of the Local Authorities Pension Plan and puts our pension plans under the control of the Minister of Finance.

UNA members interested in contacting their MLAs about this issue can find their contact information here:

Members are encouraged to cc or send emails to Premier Jason Kenney (, Finance Minister Travis Toews ( and, and Opposition leader Rachel Notley (

Members living in Edmonton may also consider contacting the only UCP government MLA in Edmonton, Kaycee Madu ( and

Here are some points about Bill 22 that you can use in your letter or discussion with your MLA:

– Bill 22 is an attack on the pension security of literally hundreds of thousands of Albertans.

– We believe it was undemocratic to ignore the concerns of Alberta Nurses and working Albertans. Bill 22 was rammed through the Legislature with very limited debate.

– The UCP wants to assert government control over the Local Authorities Pension Plan and deny workers the right to govern our own pension plan.

– This isn’t the government’s money. It belongs to the millions of Albertans who saved it month after month, year after year in the form of deferred salary. How can a party that styles itself as a champion of individual rights be so cavalier with other people’s money?

– The UCP government doesn’t have permission to do this. There was no consultation with the people who pay into the pension and the UCP never mentioned sweeping changes to Alberta’s retirement system in the recent election: so, they do not have a mandate to do any of this.

– The UCP government doesn’t have the confidence of the people who this money really belongs to.

– Albertans did not ask the UCP to interfere in the administration of their pensions, nor do they have confidence that they will run those plans in a fair or responsible way.

– We demand that you keep your hands off our retirement savings! Do not implement Bill 22!