At least 750 RNs and RPNs to be laid off

At least 750 front line RNs and RPNs to be laid off, Alberta Health Services tells UNA

“In light of the promises made by the government not to touch front-line health care workers, we will be asking for an immediate emergency meeting with Health Minister Tyler Shandro.” — Heather Smith, President, UNA

Hundreds of front-line Registered Nurses and Registered Psychiatric Nurses will lose their jobs in massive downsizing planned by Alberta Health Services, the public health care agency’s lead negotiator informed United Nurses of Alberta this morning.

In a meeting with UNA’s senior leadership called unexpectedly by AHS yesterday, Lead Negotiator Raelene Fitz said the plans to eliminate an “estimated” 500 full-time equivalent RN jobs over the next three years were being disclosed now in advance of bargaining for UNA’s 2020 Provincial Collective Agreement so that the union would have time to absorb the information and respond accordingly.

The elimination of that many RN and RPN FTEs, equivalent to over a million fewer hours of care, will mean more than 750 front-line Registered Nurses will be laid off, UNA President Heather Smith said immediately after the meeting.

“From the tone of what we were told, we believe this is only the first wave of layoffs affecting RNs represented by UNA,” Smith said. AHS officials were also scheduled to meet bargaining representatives from other health care unions today.

“There are also clear indications that AHS plans to shift many of the costs of health care onto Albertans who require treatment,” Smith said.

“Premier Jason Kenney and other members of the United Conservative Party promised repeatedly during last spring’s election campaigns that the cuts they planned would not touch front-line health care workers,” she said. “Participants at tomorrow’s UCP meeting in Calgary might want to ask the premier about why AHS is moving ahead with plans to break his promise and lay off front-line nurses.”

“We do not believe Albertans will support this plan, and they should tell the premier so,” Smith said.

“In light of the promises made by the government not to touch front-line health care workers, we will be asking for an immediate emergency meeting with Health Minister Tyler Shandro,” Smith said.

Statements by Fitz during this morning’s meeting and in the letter also indicated AHS is considering significant privatization of public health care services.

“AHS will continue to consider all options available to meet our organizational needs including changes to staff mix, service design including changes and repurposing of sites, relocating services, reducing or ceasing the provision of services,” Fitz said in a letter addressed to UNA Labour Relations Director David Harrigan.

It also said AHS is considering “reconfiguring services provided at some smaller sites.”

Yesterday AHS contacted David Harrigan and requested a meeting. The meeting occurred at 08:30 this morning.

Attached to this post is the letter provided to UNA.

This letter indicates that AHS intends to eliminate 500 RN/RPN FTE’s (Full Time Equivalents) over the next 3 years, in sites where Operational Best Practices (OBP) has already occurred. No number is provided for the sites where OBP has not commenced. 500 FTE’s equate to over one million hours less care.

AHS suggests 60 additional FTE’s will be lost due to potential contracting out of home care services (palliative and pediatric).

However these numbers are not inclusive of additional changes/closures/privatization, reducing or ceasing to provide services that are under consideration.

The letter makes reference to potential repurposing of sites and reconfiguring services at some smaller sites.

We indicated we will oppose efforts by AHS to provide less care or to shift the cost of services onto Albertans.

Please share this letter with your colleagues.

Bill 22 has passed! Contact your MLA about Bill 22!

Taken directly from UNA’s Facebook page, Nov 21, 2019:

❗️Bill 22 has passed. Contact your MLA about Bill 22!❗️

Bill 22, the Reform of Agencies, Boards and Commissions and Government Enterprises Act, has passed third reading in the Alberta Legislature after 4 days and very limited debate. Bill 22 in effect removes joint-trusteeship of the Local Authorities Pension Plan and puts our pension plans under the control of the Minister of Finance.

UNA members interested in contacting their MLAs about this issue can find their contact information here:

Members are encouraged to cc or send emails to Premier Jason Kenney (, Finance Minister Travis Toews ( and, and Opposition leader Rachel Notley (

Members living in Edmonton may also consider contacting the only UCP government MLA in Edmonton, Kaycee Madu ( and

Here are some points about Bill 22 that you can use in your letter or discussion with your MLA:

– Bill 22 is an attack on the pension security of literally hundreds of thousands of Albertans.

– We believe it was undemocratic to ignore the concerns of Alberta Nurses and working Albertans. Bill 22 was rammed through the Legislature with very limited debate.

– The UCP wants to assert government control over the Local Authorities Pension Plan and deny workers the right to govern our own pension plan.

– This isn’t the government’s money. It belongs to the millions of Albertans who saved it month after month, year after year in the form of deferred salary. How can a party that styles itself as a champion of individual rights be so cavalier with other people’s money?

– The UCP government doesn’t have permission to do this. There was no consultation with the people who pay into the pension and the UCP never mentioned sweeping changes to Alberta’s retirement system in the recent election: so, they do not have a mandate to do any of this.

– The UCP government doesn’t have the confidence of the people who this money really belongs to.

– Albertans did not ask the UCP to interfere in the administration of their pensions, nor do they have confidence that they will run those plans in a fair or responsible way.

– We demand that you keep your hands off our retirement savings! Do not implement Bill 22!